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July 14, 2017
Motivation gets you started, Determination finishes it - Opy

A blogger's life consists of beating the rain to get the perfect shot but the bright side of this are these Naysa Rudolf sunglasses.

Summer is perfect for experimenting with outfits. I snatched this pleated skirt from the rack as soon as I saw it with no idea of how I was going to style it.
After weeks in my wardrobe I decided to go simple with it without taking the attention away from the skirt. I paired it with a white tee, trainers and a pair of reflective sunglasses for this casual but edgy look.

Everyone needs a pair of  sunglasses for a complete look all through the summer and I was excited to have received "Ife" from this eyewear brand. Naysa Rudolf is an affordable Nigerian eyewear brand stocked with a variety of trendy and stylish eyewear. From the packaging to the sunglasses, fell in love with how sleek and minimalistic " Ife" looked you'll be sure to catch me rocking her more then twice. Be sure to check them out on IG HERE and tell them I sent you.

Tee - Primark
Skirt - Similar Here
Shoes - H&M
Sunglasses - Naysa Rudolf
Bag - Thrifted

TSP x Gerald Okereafor

June 24, 2017
The future isn't random, it's by design - Simi Fajemirokun

One of my few goals for this month is to collaborate with a blogger and with that I bring you my very first collaboration with the ever smiling Gerald Okereafor, men's wear fashion blogger of

Not sure why Gerald decided to reach out for a collaboration but I'm happy he did. I was instantly drawn to how friendly, respectful and focused he is. 
He gives this afrocentric vibe with the way he expresses himself through his fashion as he is always looking for ways to infuse Africa or Nigerian culture into his style, in his own words "being African is a unique selling point" it's no surprised he's a lover of art. 

When Gerald contact me with this project I had no idea the direction I wanted to go with it but I was sure I didn't want a dress or skirt partly because I'm not always comfortable with showing off my legs. 
I came across a post of Jennifer Oseh  where she rocked a wrap top and a light bulb lit up in my head. I imagined how this beautiful material sitting in my wardrobe would look turned into a wrap top and I did exactly just that to help interpret "summer flesiure" in my personal style. (Shout out to my tailor!) 
I paired it with a pair of nude palazzo pants from Forever 21 and sandals.

A wrap top is so versatile you can style it up or down depending on how you feel, I can even go with a black denim skirt or skinny jeans. Check out how I styled a beautiful satin wrap top HERE

Be sure to check out Gerald's blog for the other part of this collaboration HERE
Follow him on all social media @Gokereafor

Thanks to Seun for these beautiful picture! Check out his work HERE


June 15, 2017

Hey! Hope your week's been great so far? 

Okay, everyone knows I'm a shoulder bag kinda girl 'cause I love my hands free. This means I don't carry a lot on me or everything I carry are in small sizes. Don't get me wrong you could catch me dead with a large bag but it would obviously be a bad day lol. I don't need much to get through the day really and that's why these are absolutely necessary for me.

I was probably eyeing this bag for weeks and when I was ready to get it it was on sale! I mean who doesn't love a bargain. I love this H&M bag because for one it's a structured bag and a dupe for the Chanel boy bag. It can be worn with almost anything, it's handy and holds all I need on a normal day.

For communication and the whole shebang.

For obvious reason. ....Money, Money, Money (if you didn't sing that what are you doing?)

For the "looking cool" days, "not feeling it" days and "no make up"days.

Mobile fan
This is that secret weapon for combating this Abuja heat, it's an absolute necessity.

Whatever colour I'm wearing that day for a quick touch up when needed.

Lip balm
Crusty lips are not allowed here, I moisturise my lips everyday. Usually I use the vaseline cocoa lip therapy but i've been settling for regular vaseline and I know I need a new one.

A book
I'm reading books this summer. I'm currently reading "There was a country" by Chinua Achebe, although I haven't opened it in a couple of days. But I try to carry it around to read a page or two when I have the chance. Recommend a great book in the comments section x

PS : Drink Lots of water x

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matt 5:16


June 06, 2017

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” ― Mark Twain

I’m back home for the summer and first of all I must hail bloggers in Nigeria ‘cause it is a hustle. From over priced internet services to inconsistent power supply to ….  it’s endless, it’s a real hustle.

These pictures were taken while I was still in the UK but I’ve been catching up with friends and family over drinks recently and a quick, chic and simple outfit is key. 
Having a beautiful top or bottom does half of the job of putting together an effortless look. I switched my regular tee with this beautiful stain wrap top and paired it with my everyday straight jeans and pumps to elevate the whole look but a flat footwear could go for an alternative for comfort.

Now, aside from our daily struggles there is procrastination to contend with. 
Procrastination is an everyday fight we are all familiar with and with the summer fun lined up I find myself practically feeding this beast.
Giving in gets me a poor alternative of the original plan and regrets. I see it as one of the many challenges I’ll have to overcome to reach my daily goals ‘cause the little right decisions you make build up to achieving the bigger picture. 
Focusing on God keeps me in this constant fight with procrastination among other things and like I shared on my Instagram account, I started making monthly goals. This way I can challenge myself and also track my progress. I also try not to be that last minute person I've been professing to be, stop dwelling on negative habits and work on improving them.

Lets talk, what challenges do you face and how do you overcome them? share them in the comment bellow.


April 03, 2017

April came with realising things 

I've been detoxing my body for a couple of days and I felt the need to also detoxify my mind from negativity and mostly fear of expressing my emotions
I've struggled with this for almost all my life  and It took growth to realise suppressing my emotions was only toxic, also took courage to decide to change that. 
I thought "putting up walls was the answer to preventing vulnerability and since that's how I am I can't change" but I was about to burst, literally 

I realised I have the power to change things for the better, started talking about things more and I've been lighter since then. I've even been told I seem happier LOL it's showing.

So if you're not happy with something change it no matter how small the effort, its a start.

Back to the outfit

Sun's out Legs out, YUP!
So I'm experimenting more and the gingham trend definitely caught my eye 
I never thought I would ever wear tablecloth as a skirt...and find it kinda cute but I thought to pair it with ankle boots (click HERE for an alternative) and a military style blazer (click HERE for an alternative cause it's sold out) for a simple but sophisticated look. You can get the skirt HERE.

What do you guys think about the gingham trend? leave a comment


March 25, 2017
Discovering my personal style came with a wardrobe makeover and I realised these 10 items were pretty much essential for me.

Now with these items I made sure there were no embroidery or anything of sort on it because I wanted to be able to wear it anywhere, style it with ease and also be able to build on it. I also made it versatile for any season or weather. 

  • White collar shirt 
People tend to associate collar shirts with corporate wears but with layering trends coming out you can play with it and switch it up sometimes. You can have the best of both worlds.
  • White crew neck tee
Yes! crew neck no cleavage today baby. You want to be able to wear it anywhere without worrying about showing off the girls too much.
  • Black / Blue Denim
I made sure mine was high waisted or mid rise  (best for my body shape)  with little to no distress.
  • Black A line skirt
You can play with one, textures, embroidery, you can go in any direction. I went for a leather A-line skirt.
  • Nude Pumps 
These worked exactly like how a black pump would , although I'll get a black one in the future but I love these so far.
  • White Trainers
Trust me on this one, you need a pair of white trainers. You can go for a pair of adidas that everyone and their mum owns or a cheaper option from H&M.
  • Black shoulder bag
I'm more comfortable with small to medium sized bags and it's easy to move around with when you don't have much to carry

  • Sunglasses
Need I say more? 
  • Nude long sleeve bodysuit
For the winter/spring time, I didn't want to have too much black so nude was the next best option.
  • Blazer
A must have! I think a blazer or a jacket or an outerwear in general takes an outfit to the next level. 




March 06, 2017

Hey guys
Took a break to protect my sanity but I'm back now

My hair is growing and skin is glowing. I'm in a good place.

So I'm all for the puffer jacket trend and how it transforms an outfit plus you can pretty much pair it with A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
I paired it with track pants for a sporty look....and comfort.

T-shirt : Primark

Trousers : H&M
Shoes : H&M
Jacket : Bershka

Twitter : Opriche_a
Instagram : Opriche

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